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Welcome To My Gallery

Welcome to one of my first websites my name is Anthony Barrow I am a lecturer and artist.
I have held numerous exhibitions nationwide and sold work in the Mall Galleries in London and in Brussels. I was an active commitee member of Ashton Arts Group where we organise a weekly program of events for our members and hold our annual exhibition in the town.

I have a BA Fine Art degree from University of Central Lancashire and a Certificate in Education.

Start Learning

Try this exercise, choose a photograph of any subject, not too large. Now turn it upside down and then try to draw exactly what you see before you, try to make an exact copy of the photograph, look for the shapes and angles dont let your brain tell you what the subject matter is about! When you have finished turn your drawing the right way up,  I am sure you will be surprised at the outcome........

Little Tom

Tom is my youngest son, he was always into everything when he was younger and he had permanent cheeky grin on his face.

The painting is finished in oil, the underpainting being acrylic, on hardboard, 26" x 26".

Acrylic paints are a water based medium that dry very quickly, the good point being they make you work faster, in other words you can not allow youself to get bogged down with too much detail at the start of your painting. This I feel helps you to adopt a more fluid style.


Some works on this site are for sale and commissions are accepted please contact me for further details.

Market Street.

When I was a kid I remember the police man who used to direct traffic, buses mainly, at the junction of Wallgate, Library St and Market St in Wigan. In fact Jacksons the tailors was the place where I bought my first  suit, made to measure.

This painting acrylic and oil on canvas, 36" x 24" was sold to Mrs Ann Houghton in 2011